What Is A Street Tracker Motorcycle?

Defining the race-inspired street-legal custom genre

Ed Subias' old Sportster tracker project.Ed Subias

A street tracker is simply defined as a street-legal motorcycle designed or customized to look, and often function, like a flat-track racer. As Super Hooligan racing has gained popularity, the bikes often chosen in the series have become popular platforms for this style of customization. You'll see Indian Scout trackers, the occasional Ducati Scrambler or Star Bolt, and the most popular option by far for tracker conversion—the Harley-Davidson Sportster.

This look will typically include a tall tailsection with a long solo seat curving up toward the rear, mid-controls or rearsets, as well as superbike or MX-style handlebars. Also, 19-inch wheels are used in flat track, so they are a necessary addition, though an 18-inch rear is popular in street trackers for the more versatile street-legal rubber available. Other performance-minded parts like bending and adjustable levers and upgraded suspension and brakes are common to help the bikes both look and feel more like the racebikes from which they draw their inspiration.

Winston Yeh of Rough Crafts' impeccable street tracker Sportster.Ed Subias

While race bikes won’t have a headlight or blinkers, those are typically required for street legality, so they’re a necessary addition to any street tracker, as is the obvious license plate.