Weekend Motorcycle News Headlines, November 30, 2003

News of interest to motorcycle enthusiasts

Janklow trial this week. Loud pipes cost. Who should own Indian? Research needed here. New AMA logo. Riding 200 mph while blind? Carrying a surfboard on your bike?

Janklow Trial Starts Monday
The Congressman from South Dakota ran a stop sign and killed Minnesota motorcyclist Randy Scott back in August. He may use his diabetes as a defense, in which case the judge has said he will allow William Janklow's terrible driving record to be admitted as evidence. The fact that the defense has subpoenaed Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle points to that defense.Meanwhile, the idea of a boycott of the annual Sturgis Rally, South Dakota largest tourism event, if AJanklow gets off lightly, has begun floating around various motorcycle sites.
Aberdeen News, SD

Loud Pipes Cost 500 Bucks
This New Jersey town is tired of your racket.
Lambertville Beacon, NJ

Why We Recommend Professional Rider Training
This attempt by a man to teach his wife to ride -- without a helmet -- ended in tragedy.
Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA

Who Should Get Indian?
Should it be Polaris, a company with the resources to make it successful? How about smaller company that is dedicated to the brand but might not have the resources to make it go? If Harley gets it, will it have fallen into the hands of the enemy? These were the sorts of questions raised by an informal poll conducted by the Hollister Freelance, which has closely followed the Indian story. And meanwhile, Indian owners wonder who is going to fix their bikes, which were supposed to covered by warranty from a now-defunct company. Unfortunately, the poor reliability of our last Indian test bike, may have been typical, so many owners apparently face problems with orphaned warranties.
Hollister Freelance, CA

AMA Marks 80th Year with New Logo
America's leading advocate of motorcycling, the American Motorcyclist Association, has marked its 80th year with a fresh look. Some say that its new logo looks like it belongs on the front of a Dodge, and many think it's ugly. Others wonder how an organization with the slogan "Rights. Riding. Racing." is going to appear walking into a meeting about speeding superbikes.
AMA DirectLink

Motorcycle Fatalities Up in Illinois, Too
Another state sees rising fataliy rates and looks for research to point the way to remedies.
Champaign News-Gazette, IL

U.S. No Longer Leader in Traffic Safety
More motorcycle accidents are one of the reasons -- but the government still doesn't want to know the reasons for that increase.
New York Times, NY

Blind Motorcyclist Hoping to Ride at 200 mph
We aren't sure whether to be inspired to horrified.
BBC News, UK

Motorcycles and Surfboards Make Poor Traveling Companions
Japanese police are cracking down on riders carrying surfboards.
The Daily Yomiuri, Japan

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The AMA's new signature.
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