Weekend Motorcycle News Headlines, November 16, 2003

Headlines of interest to motorcyclists on a slow motorcycle-news weekend.

Catching up with the Janklow case. Is a two-wheel-drive motorcycle in your future? Rocket III headlines UK's first motorcycle show of the season. Harley tranny production will stay put following cost-cutting union contracts.

The Janklow Case So far
If you have kept abreast of or perhaps even heard about the pending criminal case where South Dakota Congressman and former Governor of the state ran a stop sign at high speed and killed Minnesota motorcyclist Randy Scott, this South Dakota radio station site has a page with all the developments since the crash occurred on August 16. The case goes to trial at the beginning of December. KMIT, Mitchell, SD

Yamaha to Build Two-Wheel-Drive Dirt Bike
It has been done before, most recently by the American-built Rokon brand, but Yamaha's production plans give all-wheel-drive motorcycles a new life.
Gizmo, Australia

Britain's Birmingham Motorcycle Show Opens
It kicks off the winter show season. The headliner, at least in England, was the native son, Triumph's Rocket III, which will be the largest production motorcycle in the world when it starts coming off assembly lines soon.

Harley Reaches Accord with Workers
Unions for about 2000 of Harley's workers agreed to a contract that will save jobs but may raise health costs for some.
Milwaukee Journal-Setinel, WI

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_This photo was shot about three years ago, when Excelsior-Henderson was grinding to a halt as it ran out of money. The employee in this photo had just been let go. However, no one asked about the Super-X motorcycle he still had in his ge, so he decided to have a little fun and preserve the moment with some photos. (The shot is a composite.) Excelsior-Henderson's founder (or was it co-founder) Dan Hanlon has recently publised a book on the subject, called Riding the American Dream, which we plan to review here in the near future. (Click photo for the full view.)