Weekend Motorcycle Headlines, September 28, 2003

News and updates for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Scott memorial slated. Can UN set motorcycle safety rules? Indian's problems. Sturgis and Gomorrah? Yamaha fuel-cell scooter. Safety courses in short supply as older riders continue to crash. Who will supply Harley transmissions?

Memorial Ride for Randy Scott Next Saturday
The victim of William Janklow's disregard for his fellow Americans will be remembered with a ride on October 4. Randy Scott was a veteran and a volunteer firefighter. Click this link for details.

Taxpayers May Pay the Bill if Janklow Is Sued
It seems Congressman William Janklow may not have to shoulder any financial responsibility for running a stop sign and killing Randy Scott because the federal government assumes liability for its employees while they are working.
Rapid City Journal
KSFY News, Sioux Falls, SD

And Janklow hasn't even apologized to Scott's family.
Rapid City Journal

More on Indian Motorcycle Company's Problems
Some detail on the financial problems that led to its shutdown, which apparently is not complete because a skelton crew is stuill assembling some motorcycles.
Las Vegas Sun
WTVG ABC 13, Toledo, Ohio

Budget Cuts Hit Motorcycle Training
Fatalities are rising, but there are long waiting lists for rider-training classes.

The Return of the Ex-Rider
Folks that gave up motorcycling way back when are returning to riding in record numbers now that the kids are grown and the mortgage is paid.

More Older Riders Are Crashing
Are "middle-aged riders with more money to buy horsepower than experience to handle it" contributing to motorcycling's rising fatality numbers? And why are more riders crashing in rural areas than in cities?
STLToday.com, St. Louis MO

Taking Motorcycle Safety Issues to the UN
The Motorcycle Riders Foundation views with alarm discussions about helmet use by the NHTSA at a UN meeting. European motorcycle groups are also eyeing the possibilities of UN influence on motorcycle safety issues.
MRF Home Page

Sturgis Compared to Sodom and Gomorrah
"There are things that go on and sights that you have to be prayed up for," says First Baptist Church pastor Roger Crowhurst.
Baptist Press News

Many Make Motorcycle Mechanics Their Second Career
Motorcycle-mechanics-training schools are seeing a surge in interest as laid-off workers decide to turn their passion into their vocation.
Billings Gazette

American Iron Horse Announces Winter Layoffs
Demand for motorcycles slows down duriung the colder months, so this motorcycle builder, like many smaller businesses in the motorcycle industry, trims its work force during this period.

Harley's Union Concerned About Possible Transmission Outsourcing Plan
Harley-Davidson wants to reduce gtransmission manufacturing costs and has asked its union to find ways to do so or it may take the job to an outside supplier.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
CBS-58, Milwaukee, WI

Building Affordable Customs
This Northern California customizer specializes in turning wrecked metric cruisers into rolling art.
Amador Ledger Dispatch

Yamaha Developing Fuel-Cell Scooter
Using methanol fuel, this 500-watt scooter performs about like a 50cc conventional machine.
Fuel Cell Today

And Honda Sees Fuel Cells Coming to a Home Near You
Honda thinks hydrogen might be a viable power source for your house as well as your vehicles.
Fuel Cell Today

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The old Indian Motocycle Company was once America's biggest.