Weekend Motorcycle Headlines, September 21, 2003

Recent news of interest to motorcycle enthusiasts.

Be careful when moving motorcycles online. Trail of Tears draws huge support. China builds lots of bikes. Janklow will meet the press. Click the links for the detailed stories.

AMA Warns Against Online Rip-Offs for Motorcycle Buyers, Sellers

The American Motorcyclist Association cautions about scams being perpetuated against motorcycle buyers and sellers. We'd add that those who overpay for motorcycles are usually more interested in the refund from the bogus check they give you than the actual bike.

And one rip-off artist tells how he steals money and identities from buyers:

Tens of Thousands of Riders Commemorate Cherokees' Trail of Tears

The tenth annual Trail or Tears Ride, commemorating the brutal 1838 event in which 17,000 Cherokees were driven from Tennessee to Oklahoma by the military, killing about 4000 along the way, stretched out for as much as 40 miles when it reached its Alabama terminus. Some estimates put participation over 100,000.

China Claims to be Second-Largest Motorcycle Exporter

China says that it builds half the world's motorcycles -- 13 million units in 2002 -- and is now the world's largest exporter after Japan, selling 3.44 million bikes abroad.

Indian Motorcycle Company Runs Off the Road

Five years into the latest Indian revival, the company announced that it had failed to obtain new financing and closed its factory.

Another Reason to Wear a Helmet

This rider was struck by debris thrown up by the car ahead.

Janklow Faces "Foggy" Future, Waives Preliminary Hearing

The U.S. Congressman from South Dakota who ran a stop sign and killed motorcyclist Randy Scott in August held a press conference on Monday, his first since the crash. Some expected him to announce his resignation, but he said he thinks he still can be effective in Washington. However, reports said he seemed a bit disoriented, apparently from the head injuries he suffered in the crash.

Later in the day, Janklow also waived his right to a preliminary hearing in the felony case brought against him as a result of the crash. according to this KSFY article:

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Photo by Kevin Wing.