Weekend Motorcycle Headlines, November 8, 2003

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Deadly deer. Steel trade politics may hurt Harley. Politicians and other dangers to motorcyclists.

Eat More Venison
The fall deer season is upon us. Collisions with deer kill a lot of motorcyclists -- seven already in Wisconsin alone during 2003, but solutions remain elusive.
Yahoo News
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This article has some tips toward the end that may be useful to motorcyclists:
AgriNews, IL

The state of Wisconsin is particularly concerned. In some of its counties, over half the reported accidents involve deer. While just two percent of car-deer accident involve fatalities (to people), 75 percent of motorcycle-deer crashes are fatal. Wisconsin's Department of Transportation has a page devoted to deer dangers, with information about motorcycle crashes.
Wisconsin DOT

Does Your Motorcycle Have Too Many Wheels?
Bombarider, the Canadian industrial giant that used to make the potent CanAm motorcycles, may have a solution with its one-wheel Embio concept vehicle. Is this the future of personal transportation?
Forbes Magazine
Bombardier Recreational Products

Steel Sword Hangs Over Harley in Tariff Dispute
Harley-Davidson is expected to suffer if the U.S. tariff on steel is ruled to be in violation of international rules on trade. If, as expected, the tariff is ruled to be improper in a World Trade Organization hearing next week, the European Union has said it will respond with its own tariffs, an action that could double the price of the U.S. goods targeted. Harley as a high-profile American company is expected to be hit with the trade tax, along with textiles and citrus fruit. The V-Rod is the best-seller among the 22,000 motorcycles Harley expects to sell in Europe this year.
Billings Gazette, MT

Janklow Nearly Nailed Another Driver Before at Intersection where He Killed Scott
The statement of a driver whose pickup was nearly struck by the stop-sign-running politico at over 90 mph has been made public. We don't believe he should ever be allowed to drive again, even if he does get out of jail. The citizens he theoretically serves believe he should leave office if found guilty.
Aberdeen News, SD
Aberdeen News, SD
Argus Leader, Sioux Falls, SD

This Elderly Driver Killed a Motorcyclist Two Years Ago and Cost Another Her Leg This Week
He pulled out in front of motorcycle in 2001, killing the rider and injuring the passenger. He was given 10 days in jail. Having learned that society doesn't really care, this Ohio man has done it again.
Toledo Blade, OH
AMA DirectLink

Yamaha's Rosy Forecast
Motorcycles and digital electronics are leading the company's growth.
Asia Times

Motorcycle Hearse is a Dying Business
Funeral plans for this Boss Hoss-based rig have been killed by insurers unwillingness to cover it. Maybe they are afraid that passengers will end up dead.
Miami Herald, FL

Polaris Gets Official Pat on the Back for New Minnesota Product Development Facility
The company, which assembles Victory motorcycles in Wisconsin and Iowa, is headquartered in Minnesota. It is bringing more jobs home.
The Business Journal, MN Minnesota Governor Site
Forest Lake Time, MN

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