Victory Magnum X-1 Walkaround

First impressions on Victory's factory custom bagger

Victory Magnum X-1
The Victory Magnum X-1 StealthVictory Motorcycles

If I have said it once, you can bet I have said it a thousand times: the Victory Magnum X-1 is an AMAZING bike to ride. I have had this one here for about two months and have put over 6500 miles on it. I have friends coming in from across the country this weekend and I'll be meeting them 700 miles from home to bring them in. Why? Because this bike makes you want to ride the wheels off.

This is the bike most cruiser riders don't yet know they want. You see something this size and figure it's going to be sluggish. Let's be honest, most young people assume baggers are gonna ride like turds. They couldn't be more wrong when it comes to this one. It's got the torque to spin tire all day. You upshift in the middle of a turn and drop that clutch, you're getting Motorcycle Drifting 101. The power, however doesn't even close to end there. The engine whines up to the higher revs and keeps putting out great power, with the suspension to keep up. You don't get the issues one typically associates with high-speed baggers, like tank slappers when you lean into a turn. You can throw this thing into a solid lean angle at high-speeds and be perfectly stable through the turn.

Just about everything I have mentioned so far is the same for all Cross Country models as it is for the Magnum, but this limited edition is all kitted out. The front 21" wheel looks great, not too big and flashy, but adds enough of a custom flare. The speakers are awesome. With the volume up a little less than halfway, the bike compensates for engine and wind noise and you can easily hear your music on the highway. That's something you can't say about many other factory sound systems.

All in, this is one of the best all-around bikes we have ever ridden. Sure it's not the choice if you're going to spend an hour carving the canyons, but there is no bike I would rather do serious miles on than this Victory.