Vegas Jackpot Tops 2006 Victory New Motorcycle Announcements

Victory calls the radically styled 2006 Vegas Jackpot an extreme custom. All but one of its motorcycles now have the 100/6 Freedom powertrain.

A new variation of the Vegas cruiser headlines the 2006 new-model announcements from Victory Motorcycles, and all but one of the 2006 Victory models now have the 100/6 Freedom V-twin engine introduced last year in the Hammer.

The Jackpot is an extension of the Vegas concept. You could call it a Discovery Channel bike, since the rapid growth in what Victory calls the "Extreme Custom segment" has been driven by TV shows that have glamorized custom bikes and their builders. Although Victory believes the segment is currently about 30,000 new units per year and growing, there aren't any hard numbers, since most of the small companies that sell these customs don't report to the Motorcycle Industry Council, the source of such data.

Victory says that the people who buy these bikes "are more 'biker' and less 'motorcyclist' than the performance cruiser (Hammer) buyers." Although the riders Victory targets demand the sort of "extreme styling" that Victory has sought to impart to the Jackpot, they also like to ride. That means that a factory-built and -backed bike has certain appeals—reliability, durability, and after-sale support for parts, service, warranty. And the Jackpot has a price tag that $10,000 to $15,000 than those hand-built bikes from small companies.

The Jackpot, which has been in the works for two years, starts out with the Vegas basics—a 21-inch front wheel, the trademark raised-spine styling element running from front fender to rear through the tank, and scalloped fuel tank with its split tail—and ups the attitude with the chunky 250mm-wide rear tire of the Hammer, a streamlined chrome-over-bodywork-color headlight with an HID element, detachable passenger seat, frame color-matched to the bodywork, and its own swoopy fender and fender-rail designs. It also has a slightly different frame and its own swingarm. Eye-popping graphics complete the process of radicalizing the bike. Pricing starts at $17,499 suggested for black. Victory positions the Jackpot as a competitor to full customs built by small shops.

Except for the Touring Cruiser, which uses the old-style chassis, all of Victory's 2006 models get the Freedom 100/6 V-twin power train. That's the 1634cc displacement with six speeds (unique among V-twin gearboxes from major manufacturers). It also is a bit narrower than the old 1520cc, five-speed engine (which is still used in the Touring Cruiser). The big six-speed engine is still used in the Hammer (which starts at a suggested $16,899), and now powers the Kingpin ($15,999 suggested base), the Vegas ($15,799), the Vegas 8-Ball ($13,399) and the Deluxe version of the Kingpin ($17,499). The Kingpin Deluxe wears a windshield, a touring saddle, saddlebags, and backrest and floorboards for the passenger.

This year Victory will also offer two limited-edition versions of the Jackpot styled by Arlen and Cory Ness. These 2006-only bikes add extensive billet and chrome, special billet wheels, custom stitched seats, special signed Ness graphic treatments to the basic Jackpot. The Cory Ness Signature model has black bodywork with blue flames, black frame and black engine. The Arlen Ness Signature bike has is has blue bodywork and frame with gold and silver graphics and the silver engine. Either version is $21,999.

Victory is still the only manufacturer that allows you to order a motorcycle and have it custom built to your specifications on the assembly line. You must place your order during a few-month window starting in August and it takes a few months for delivery. However, this means that the bike is factory assembled with the pieces and colors you want. Other manufacturers' custom-order programs involve the dealer installing the components you specify, so your new bike's factory-set components are disassembled before you ever ride it. That may mean you also have to pay for both the components you want and those that are taken off.

The Kingpin Deluxe should become a better tourer with the more powerful engine and overdrive top gear of the 100/6 powertrain.
Ness case treatement.
The Vegas also gets the 1634cc engine and six-speed gearbox i9ntroduced in the 2005 Hammer.