V-Max Concept Bike

Shape Your Star

First Look!

The V-Max concept bike's coming-out party was at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show (MC Cruiser, Oct. '06), but Yamaha showcased it for the first time in North America at the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach this past December. According to Yamaha, the U.S. incarnation has significant mods, but the firm's tight-lipped about details other than to say the bug-eyed wonder will fly the Star Motorcycles banner (check out the emblem on the air-intake scoop).

Displacement hasn't been set either, but a quick glance at the bike's double-radiator/oil-cooled unit and six-piston radial brakes does encourage rampant speculation. We've heard rumors of an updated 1800cc mill with a 200hp potential that might just fit the bill. Two liters would be really nice.

Still, there's hope-if you don't like any of those numbers, Star's giving you the chance to help shape the new Max; go to www.next-vmax.com and post your input. Company flacks say they'd like to gauge American consumers' response to possibly redefine what a cruiser can be. We hope that means the proto-bike's stunted, child-size mufflers don't hang around for the full production run.