The Ultimate "Big Boy" Seat

CR Tested

I'll admit I was a bit skeptical when Ultimate offered me one of their Big Boy seats for my long term VTX. After all, the stock seat is comfortable enough, so left to my own devices, I probably wouldn't have replaced it.

Ultimate seats are available in several different configurations each one tailored to a rider's height and weight. Since the "Big Boy" is the suggested cushion for guys that shop in the big and tall (or in my case the not-so-tall but fairly-wide) department, that's the seat they sent, and it fit my 5' 10" 240lb frame like it was custom-built for me.

Ultimate supplies the seat with the mounts in place, and ready to install, so removing the OEM seat and slapping on the new one took about five minutes. Installing the passenger seat burnt another two or three minutes and the backrest probably took about 45 seconds. The Big Boy is somewhat wider than the stock seat and depending on your physical dimensions, positions you about an inch higher and further back. According to Ultimate, really big guys will find themselves in approximately the same place as they would with the stock saddle, just a little higher, but I'll have to take their word for it, thankfully, I'm still a few barbecues away from becoming "really" big. For me the seating position although only an inch different, made a world of improvement, it added to my leg room and let me straighten my arms just a wee bit more, which increased the comfort level by a noticeable amount.

I also found myself sitting a bit more upright, which was a welcome change. As I mentioned, the stock seat isn't bad, but it allowed me to slip into a slouch after about fifteen minutes of riding. Shortly thereafter, my back would start to ache and I'd pull myself up only to repeat the process after another few miles. The shape and size of the Big Boy eliminated that little quirk, so it's winner all the way around.

Although the passenger seat and back rest are as yet untested (and are likely to remain that way until my wife feels like taking a ride) I've no doubt they'll perform just as admirably as the riders seat, this perception being based at least partly on a conversation I had with a fellow VTX pilot who mentioned he'd had his Big Boy and passenger combo on his bike for 83,000 miles, and his wife "wouldn't ride on anything else." High praise indeed.

Being a practical non-nonsense type of guy, I spec'd our seat in basic black, with no whistles, bells or bows. However, the fashion conscious among you can choose a host of options ranging from rider seat backrests to a variety of seat colors, with contrasting stitching as well as a synthetic Ostrich skin material, and various embossed logos. My favorite option, which I might have requested had I known it was available, is the blinker buddy, a device that vibrates the seat anytime the turn signals are in operation.

If there's a down side to the Ultimate, I can't find it, so for that, and the fact that it truly does live up to its name I'm giving it the full five stars. -MZ

RIDER SEAT-$315.00