Triumph's Rocket III Roadster -- On 'Roids

Carpenter Racing Rolls Out Streetable, 175mph Street Package (with 240hp!)

For those few riders who simply need more than the 'measly' 146 hp Triumph's Rocket III Roadster is said to produce, you've been served - courtesy of Bob Carpenter. Yep, two-time NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Champ Carpenter is now selling a 240hp (at the rear wheel, no less) Triumph Rocket III performance package for new 2013 Triumph Rocket III motorcycles. The Carpenter Racing engine kit boosts the stock 2300cc Triumph Rocket III Roadster from 146bhp to 240+rwhp, and, unbelievably, is fully streetable for daily commuting (though that doesn't strike us like the ideal application for this upgrade).

The street performance package has proven itself at the race track as well. with the "Carpenter Rocket" turning in quarter-mile times of 8.99 seconds and 155mph at New Jersey's Atco Raceway Park. And, it's set American (AMA) and International (FIM) world land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats at 175mph.

The Rocket III performance package includes Carpenter's Ram Air kit, proprietary CNC engine porting with a custom-ground camshaft and valve train, custom aluminum 11.4:1 stock displacement pistons, a higher volume fuel pump, and a Carpenter Megaphone exhaust. Custom clutch springs also are fitted to handle the extra power.

Customers can purchase a new 2012 or 2013 Triumph Rocket III Roadster with the performance package installed and tested, for $35,000.

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