Triumph Rocket 3 TFC Boasts A Claimed 180 HP!

The torquiest production bike around is even brawnier than we thought.

2019 Triumph Rocket 3 TFC on black background.
It’s huuuge, folks. And it has even more horsepower than originally thought.Courtesy Triumph Motorcycles

Is this post kind of clickbait-y? Maybe. At least we thought the press release Triumph Motorcycles sent over earlier today was. It basically told us final performance specs were being updated and that the Rocket 3 TFC was sold out for its limited-edition North American run. Big deal, right? Except the final numbers on the massive power and torque delivered by the new Rocket 3 TFC's mondo 2,500cc Triumph triple (the largest production motorcycle engine in the world, Triumph reminds us) are even more incredible than the initial spec chart.

2019 Triumph Rocket 3 TFC on black background.
Triumph has updated key specs for the limited-edition 2019 Rocket 3 TFC. It’s now rated at 180 hp and 163 pound-feet of torque, making it the most powerful production Triumph in history.Courtesy of Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph is telling us that peak power is now confirmed at a whopping 180 hp at 7,000 rpm. That’s an increase of 12 hp over the originally stated 168 hp, which we already thought was out of this world. Manufacturers will often overstate performance specs as a marketing ploy, but even if these numbers are 5 to 10 hp off (as they tend to be), we’re still gobsmacked at the new digits. It makes the Rocket 3 TFC the most powerful production Triumph of all time.

2019 Triumph Rocket 3 TFC rear on black background.
The formerly porky musclebike has lost some serious poundage, and gained even more muscle. It’s now 14 percent lighter than the previous gen Rocket 3.Courtesy of Triumph Motorcycles

The Hinckley brand has also released final peak torque confirmation, which stands at 166 pound-feet at 4,000 rpm, also an increase over the 163 pound-feet number first quoted, giving the ultra-premium Rocket the highest torque of any production motorcycle.

2019 Triumph Rocket 3 TFC with aluminum single-sided swingarm.
A sexy aluminum single-sided swingarm helps improve things in the looks department, while helping to lighten the load a bit. The rear cast aluminum wheel is still shod with 240mm rubber though.Courtesy of Triumph Motorcycles

Other key specifications we dug out of the release also include the newly confirmed dry weight of the Rocket 3 TFC, which Triumph says weighs in at 639 pounds, or 98 pounds (14 percent) lighter than the previous generation.

Lastly—and not surprisingly—Triumph tells us the customer response to this exclusive, ultra-premium motorcycle has been overwhelming, and the entire North American allocation (225 units) of the 750 limited edition global run have now been sold, so that’s it. All US and Canadian models are spoken for. With that kind of response though, we have to believe a proper mainline production model will be coming down the pike pretty soon. Stay tuned.

2019 Triumph Rocket 3 TFC TFT instrument display.
Ye olde cockpit looks nothing like the Rocket of yore. You get a TFT instrument display with a full suite of riding modes, Shift Assist, and Hill Hold Control as well as cruise control and TPMS.Courtesy of Triumph Motorcycles
2019 Triumph Rocket 3 TFC exhaust headers.
We just thought these exhaust headers looked super cool so we’re including them.Courtesy of Triumph Motorcycles