Triumph Reveals 900 Bonneville Thruxton Twin-Cylinder Motorcycle

Triumph Motorcycles revives a classic British style with its new Bonneville Thruxton 900, which recalls the home-grown cafe racers of 40 years ago. By Art Friedman.

Triumph's latest twin is the chronological and spiritual equivalent of the American chopper, even though it doesn't actually fit within that (or any other) cruiser genre. It bringa bigger, more powerful engine to the Bonneville line.

The new Thruxton, named for a hand-built version of the Triumph Bonneville of the early 1960s built in Triumph's race shop and named for a British racetrack, recalls the cafe racers created by Brit enthusiasts during that same period. That was the era when Americans were beginning to build choppers in significant numbers. (The name was also used for the most popular model built by Velocette, Britain's last maker of big single-cylinder motorcycles.)

This new 900 Thruxton accurately mimics those English customs with low clubman-style handlebars, rearset footpegs and controls, a racing-style humpbacked solo saddle, and dual reverse-megaphone-style mufflers.

The new bike is notable not only for its return to authentic British roots but also because it brings a bigger (865cc instead of 790cc) and more powerful (69 horsepower) version of the current Bonneville twin-cylinder engine. In addition to more displacement it uses new carburetors and hotter cams. The engine also gets polished cases. Some of these changes could find their ways into future Triumph twin-cylinder cruisers.

The Thruxton 900 recalls classic British cafe-racer customs.
Triumph's cruiser models might get the Thruxton's added dsiplacement or polished cases in the future.
You can still buy restorations of the original Triumph 650 Bonneville Thruxtons built in the Triumph race shopduring the early 1960s.