Long-Term Bikes | 2011 H-D Street Glide

MSRP: $19,499
($21,495 with paint, ABS security)
Caretaker: Bartels
Measurements: 6 ft./ 190 lbs./ 33-in. Inseam
Odometer: 11,909
Miles Since Start: 594

I'm going to try something different this time around. My last few project bikes have been all about looking for unique aftermarket parts and really changing it up to suit my sense of style (or lack thereof). This one starts pretty close to good, so it could use maybe just some little things.

What I want to do to this very stylish bike is make it into one I want to ride. It's already solid, but I've ridden well-set-up Electra Glides (the built-up model this one is based on) as well as the super high-end CVO Street Glide, and I'd like a few more things on this Glide.

For one, I'd like a stereo that I can hear over a strong headwind at 80 mph, and iPod functionality. I'd like shocks (like on the CVO) with a hand-crank preload adjuster instead of the quaint air-adjustable unit that comes stock. And maybe a little more rumble from the exhaust, though stock is pretty good. I want a drop dead gorgeous street machine that I can take off for parts unknown with very little notice.

Thankfully the bike I got is halfway to the last requirement. It comes equipped with H-D's versatile 4-point Detachables mount at the rear for a tour box or a sissy bar/luggage rack. It also comes with a mount for a Garmin GPS, which can definitely come in handy.

This bike came to me with over 11,000 miles on the clock. Given my recent history of abusing Harleys, I can't say I'm surprised with the retread. To me, that's a special challenge-to try and relate to you what the second ten thousand miles will be like. Normally we get bikes right after break-in, but this one has had a year of journalists riding it. So far, it's almost perfect. The clutch seems like it may be going, but maybe that's what an 11k clutch just feels like. I'll check adjustment next time it's in the shop. Until then I'm going to ride it and see what it asks for.