Georgia's State Route 180: Wolf Pen Gap Road

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Taking State Road 60 into the town of Suches then proceeding a hundred yards north of the well-known TWO (Two Wheels Only) motorcycle resort leads to State Route 180, also known as Wolf Pen Gap Road. This asphalt ribbon is said to have more sharp curves and steeper grades than any other paved road in Georgia. The first five miles begin as a sedate two-lane blacktop leading to Lake Winfied Scott, a small very peaceful lake that acts as a reflecting pool to the Appalachian foothills that surround it. Rimmed by overhanging trees, its emerald green color in spring and summer lends a feeling of calm and serenity to the visitor, and the yellows and reds of autumn make this an amazing place to see during the yearly miracle of nature.

Once past the lake, however, it's a roller-coaster of a ride. The first indicator of what's ahead is a sign that reads Sharp Curves and Grades Next 5 Miles. SR 180 winds through the Sosbee Cove Scenic Area with speed limits on some curves as low as 10 mph, and nary a straight-line section to be had. While speed limit signs can be somewhat conservative, first-time riders would probably do best to pay heed. There is not a curve in this area with a posted speed limit higher than 25 mph.

At the end of this section of 180, the road 'Ts' into Highway 19, leading to Vogel State Park, one of the first parks established in Georgia. This very scenic location offers camping and motorhome sites with water and power provisions, picnic areas, and a small grocery store on the premises. The park also features the cobalt-blue Lake Trahlyta. Named after a Cherokee princess, the lake is surrounded by trees and features a roped area for swimming and facilities for patrons. It is another great place to stop for a break. Packing a bathing suit and towel in the saddlebag allows for a quick change and swim, which goes a long way toward refreshing a body after a day's ride in the mid-summer heat.

State Route 180 combines with Highway 19 for a short segment before separating again and continuing in a more sedate style towards Brasstown Bald, the highest mountain in Georgia, then through the Chattahoochee National Forest before ending at State Route 75 near the Alpine-styled town of Helen, GA.

Georgia State Route 180