Touring Motorcycle Gear - New Products

360 Brake
Are ordinary brake rotors ruining the view of your custom billet rims? Step up and check out the 360 Brake. Using a chrome enclosure, the 360 contains a small rotor with a full-circumference brake pad on each side. The manufacturer claims there's almost no fork dive under braking and more stopping power from the rear brake. Installation is only for the skilled or resourceful (i.e. "fat-walleted"), but 360 Brake is working with some wheel manufacturers to supply the brake as an option with new wheels. MSRP is $995 for the complete brake system. Go to for information.

Leatherlyke Cruiser Case Trunks
Now you can get a rear case to match your Leatherlyke saddlebags. The Cruiser Case trunks are available in 5-quart, 20-quart and 35-quart sizes. Instead of leather, Leatherlyke makes its products from a "double-layered polymer plastic" claimed to have the look and feel of leather with greater protection and durability. Each case is lined with neoprene and includes a locking lid. Prices start at $99.95 and include a mounting kit. Order directly at

Touring Tear-Offs
You've spent a lot of money on a shiny new windshield, and now you're worried about how to keep it that way. No problem: The folks at Touring Enterprises have got you covered-literally. The Touring Tear-Off is a windshield-sized version of the visor tear-offs used by motorcycle racers, consisting of four easily removable layers. However, these are much thicker and more durable than visor tear-offs and can be cleaned a few times before discarding. Prices start at $79.95. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

Master Lock Quantum Cuff
Your shiny scoot deserves more protection than simply being parked where you can see it. Enter the Quantum Cuff from Master Lock. Combining the strength of a locking cuff with the added flexibility of a cable, the Quantum Cuff is easy to use. Just loop the vinyl-covered, 6-foot-long, 91/416-inch-thick braided steel cable through your motorcycle and clamp the other end around a nearby post (up to 3 inches in diameter), and you're done. Purchase directly at for $39.99, plus shipping and handling.