Torque Mfg. Café Racer Kit for Yamaha Bolt

Get a different look for your Bolt with this easy weekend project

Café Racers are just plain cool. Luckily Torque Mfg. developed a pretty easy-to-install café racer kit for the Yamaha Bolt.

Seeing as the aftermarket industry is pretty much nill for the Yamaha Bolt, it’s refreshing to see someone pay attention to such an untapped motorcycle platform. The Bolt has been a fan favorite here at Cruiser, and hopefully more folks jump on the Bolt customization bandwagon.

Torque Mfg., a subsidiary of the British Customs outfit in Gardena, California, have developed some pretty cool new kits for the Yamaha Bolt, one of which is this nifty little Café Racer kit. The best part, the guys at Torque developed these kits to be pretty basic that any novice would feel comfortable tacking on his or her own.

Torque Mfg. Café Racer Kit for Yamaha BoltStaff

The Torque Mfg. Café Racer Kit includes: pan taillight, plug-and-play turn signals, two-up seat, café bar conversion kit, 5-3/4-inch headlight kit, race foot peg kit package, and a reverse cone slip-on exhaust.

Grab some buds and your basic tools and over the course of a weekend you’ll be done building your café racer in no time.