Top 3 Motorcycle Boots of 2016

2016 Editors' Choice

They're how you grip the road, and most often, they stay on your feet while you get off the bike and go about your duties. A good pair of motorcycle boots has to be durable, protective, ideally waterproof, and good looking enough to wear throughout the work day. Our editors picked out their favorite boots from all the moto gear they tested this year, and here's what they came up with:

Alpinestars Boots
Morgan's pick, the waterproof and fully protective Twin Drystar Boots from Oscar by AlpinestarsStaff

Online Editor: Morgan Gales

Motorcycle boots have been getting cooler and cooler over the years. Indian Motorcycles did a collab with Red Wings that was timeless and great looking. Dainese made a couple pairs of wicked boots for their 36060 collection. But the ones that I have really been stoked to use and abuse are both pairs I have had from Oscar by Alpinestars- specifically the Twin Drystar Boots.

They look like a classic pair of Goodyear welted boots, but are fully waterproof and protective. Reinforced in the toe, heel and ankle, and with shift pad on the top, they’re the best of both worlds. I have been wearing them for a few months now, and they broke in quickly but are not showing any sign of degradation. For $250, they aren't your dad's discount riding boots, but you get what you pay for and these are sure to last you many seasons of riding.

Mohawk Boots
Jordan's casual work boot styles Mohawk Boots from Rev'it! SportStaff

Editor-In-Chief: Jordan Mastagni

I'm a big fan of work boots. I like the simplicity of how they look, and I like that they're functional. Rev'It's Mohawk Boots have been my favorite boots I've tested in 2016.

Basically, if a motorcycle gear company designed a stylish and functional work boot, you’d get the Rev’It! Mohawk. Combining equal parts street wear, style and pure performance the Mohawk boots are simple and functional without any of the bullshit a lot of manufacturers feature that end up upping the sticker price and are over-engineered. Plus, you don’t get the feeling you are wearing highly functional motorcycle boots if you wish to wear them on a night out with the missus. The mesh inner lining ensures great breathability even on hot days while the leather is water repellent and ready for anything. I’ve logged thousands of miles with the Mohawk Boots and they’ve broken in flawlessly, molding exceptionally well to my feet to provide the utmost in comfort on and off the bike. The leather has broken in easily and looks better with age. Incorporated thermoplastic heel and toe protection deliver the required level of impact protection you would expect from a boot billed as motorcycle ready.

Having worn these to multiple motorcycle events, and logging plenty of foot miles chasing down the hottest custom bikes and new products. Basically, if I’m going to be on my feet all night, after being on the bike all day, the Mohawk Boots get pulled for the trek nine times out of 10.

Bates Motorcycle Boots
Jon's technical Bates Marauder BootsStaff

Associate Editor: Jon Mcdevitt

I have been riding with the Bates Marauders for a few months now and I am a big fan. These boots are the perfect balance between comfort and safety. My first time riding with them was back in August on the new model press launch in rainy Washington. We were out all day in constant light to heavy rain and at the end of the day I pulled those boots off and had myself completely dry socks! When these guys say waterproof they damn well mean it!

I was comfortable riding in these boots all day long but on top of that they are extremely comfortable off the bike as well. I would have days down in the shop where I would not swap them out for my work boots and I would be in them and on my feet all day. The big difference with these compared to other boots would have to be the arch support. They actually have significant arch support to keep your feet from fatiguing, letting you rock them on and off the bike without a second thought.

For all of these reasons, Marauders are my 2016 Cruiser Editor’s Pick in the boots category.