Long-Term Bikes: 2010 Honda Fury ABS

2010 Honda Fury ABS
MSRP: $13,999

Caretaker: Bartels

Measurements: 6'/190 lbs./33-in. inseam

Odometer: 2210

Miles this cycle:782

TOTAL **$1204.85 **

As much as I'd like to get down to doing some real customizing on this project, some practical stuff needs to be taken care of first. I'm a fairly aggressive rider, and the ABS on this bike is only making it worse. So pegs that drag at the first hint of a lean are not going to work for me, plus, since they're made of very cheap stamped steel, the dragging was tearing them apart. Enter Accutronix.

I could tell from the first photos of these forward controls that they'd locate the feet up a bit, plus they don't have the "curb feelers" the stockers are plagued with. As an added bonus, they look pretty sweet too. They went on pretty darn easily; the only hitch is that we need to relocate the horn somewhere and as we're not allowed to modify the bike permanently - we still need to make a mini wiring harness to accomplish this.

The pegs work great-there's no dragging until hard parts meet pavement, but that's so much farther over than before, that's quite alright with me. What's less alright is that the new higher foot position doesn't work as well with the seat and bars we have on it. The Corbin King and Queen Seat we installed last time is firm just like I like it, but with the higher pegs I find myself needing a little more cush in the lower back support. I think a set of taller bars with more pullback will fix the issue and take the pressure off, so that will be on the menu soon.

We also got some little spikes for the fork caps from Accutronix. Silly, but sharp enough to open boxes in a pinch. Some passenger pegs to match the forward controls were installed as well. A pair of set screws holding them at the right angle fell out of the right side (which we had to replace), but in fairness, we didn't Loctite them, so no harm, no foul.

You might notice from the photos that I took the covers off the heads, which makes for a very raw look. I'm not sure if I like it or not yet, but if not, it's about 10 minutes to put the mostly plastic covers back on. Next step is a trip to Race Tech for suspension work, since the stock setup is miserable on a fast freeway run (and I do that a lot).