Long-Term Bikes: 2009 Suzuki Boulevard C50

2009 Suzuki Boulevard C50
MSRP: $7799

Caretaker: Masker

Measurements: 5'5"/175 lbs./28-in. inseam

Odometer: 2513

Miles this Cycle: 583

What you do not see in this air cleaner photo is the Stealth intake from Gman Industries. Another thing you're not seeing is a bare back tire. Yes, I know; I keep saying the rear fender is coming off and you're tired of hearing it. But I thought showing the readers a cool performance mod takes precedence over my eccentricity, and I'm pretty sure history will vindicate me on that point.

Gman Industries sent us one of their Stage 2 kits consisting of a K&N; air filter, the intake, and Gman's Bully FI Controller. This version is made for use with stock exhausts; you can get Gman's Stage 3 if you're running a custom pipe setup.

The filter was designed in conjunction with K&N; to work specifically with this kit. That means a happy marriage between the new intake and its Bully fuel injection controller. Installation required removing the gas tank and can take a couple of hours, but otherwise it's very plug-and-play; fine tuning the controller is literally a push button affair.

Gman Industries claims a 13% increase in ponies and torque with this kit on a stock motorcycle. We didn't put it on a dyno for this update, but the increased grunt was noticeable. Getting up to freeway speed felt much quicker and the bike felt smoother once there.

I'd like to finish the fender thing, but if someone kicks us a pipe to go with the Gman, I wouldn't cry too much.

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TOTAL $474.28