Tip: Where Does that Screw Go?

Making a template of the component you are disassembling, with a hole for each fastener you remove, makes reassembling your motorcycle a much surer process. From the June 2004 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser magazine. **By [Mar

How many times have you removed a series of bolts, for instance side-cover screws, only to realize during reassembly that they were all different lengths and you didn't have a clue which one went where?

Oh, not ever, huh? Well I have, and since I dislike doing things by trial and error, I've adopted this simple method to keep track.

On a plain sheet of cardboard, draw a rough outline of the cover you're about to remove. Mark the approximate location of each fastener. If you're as easily confused as I am, you can even number them so you know where to start. As each screw is removed, poke a hole in the cardboard that corresponds with that screw's location in the case and stick the screw through it.

It's an absolutely fool-proof way to keep your bolts from rolling around the garage floor, and, during reassembly it's a simple matter of selecting the correct screw for the location.

It's not exactly rocket science, but it works just fine.

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_Using a template to store the case bolts eliminates all of the trail and error when it's time to stitch the whole thing back together. _