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Between The Lines

Motor technology and metallurgy may have come a long way in the past 100 years, but according the Mike Hanlon, build quality and tolerances have not. His awe at the beauty and engineering that went into the early handbuilt machines of 1910 is what inspired him to bring them back with his Timeless Motor Company of El Paso, Texas.

Automatic timing, recycling lubrication, electric start, and a transmission are all things of the past (future?) on a Timeless. The bikes, which mimic what was state of the art a century ago, feature a sand cast single cylinder engine (with an atmospheric intake valve, and cam-driven exhaust valve), a bronze carburetor, a 99-inch leather drive belt with a ratcheting tensioner (instead of a clutch), and an enclosed springer front end. Unlike most motorcycle builders who endlessly trumpet some small technological leap or another, Timeless proudly proclaims that these bikes are exact replicas of the bikes of yore, with absolutely no mechanical or technological improvements.

There are two models available. The first is a Classic Street Bike that sports a beautifully intricate spring leather saddle, pullback bars, and a period-correct muffler that had a door that you could close for riding in town (and not scare the horses), or open it up in the countryside and let 'er rip.

The Boardtrack version deletes the fenders of the Street Bike, has a low, racer-style handlebar, dropped seat, and a straight, open pipe.

Both models come in black or gray. Though more toy than transport (with no lights or license mounts), you have to respect the talent and dedication that went into these machines. Pedal start anyone? www.timelessmotorcompany.com or call 915/592-6887.

Classic Street Bike
Boardtrack Racer