Tested: Hazardous Sports Headcase Motorcycle Helmet Case

The Hazardous Sports Headcase offer real protection for your motorcycle helmet when it isn't protecting you. From the December 2003 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser magazine. ** By Jamie Elvidge.**

I don't know how many of you travel with your helmet as I often do, carrying it on planes and in taxis between rides or events. I'm sure most of you hand-carry your helmet at least once in awhile, though, or bring along a second lid for a friend or lucky hitchhiker. Most of us store our helmets in not-so-safe places, like the chaotic hall closet or the garage where mice nest and cats pee.

The Headcase from Hazardous Sports is the best thing since sliced pizza for bikers that tote their helmets. I've owned a lot of helmet bags, but all are flimsy in comparison. What makes this one different is the quality of design and the real protection it offers.

Constructed from impact-abosrbing molded foam and heat-fused between two layers of durable poly fabric, the Headcase is firm without being rigid. Any type of helmet will fit inside, though it's shaped for full-faced ones, and was originally designed as an accessory for professional racecar drivers. A strong handle, removable shoulder strap and backpack adaptability make it easy to carry.

This is by far the best helmet bag I've ever used, and it's so cool-looking that people constantly stop you to ask me about it.

Get your own Headcase in black, red or blue for $90 by visiting www.hazardous-sports.com or calling (866) 429-4327.

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The Hazardous Sports Headcase is a shell for your helmet. It seals out critters and dust, and its foam construction prevents scratches and dings.