Suzuki Shows First 2006 Boulevard Cruiser Motorcycle Models

Suzuki's Boulevard line of cruiser motorcycles returns without the M95 for 2006, with more to come this fall.

Suzuki has unveiled its carry-over 2006 cruiser models. The full line of 2005 Boulevard cruisers, except for the Boulevard M95, returns with only minor cosmetic changes. Prices have increased on some models by $50 to $200. The Kawasaki-build M95, which simply a restyled version of the Kawasaki Marauder 1600, will apparently be discontinued since Kawasaki and Suzuki have cancelled their agreement to sell motorcycles built by each other.

Suzuki will unveil additional models this fall. The Boulevard M105 power cruiser is expected to be unveiled at that point. Dealers were given a sneak peek of that bike in the form of a drawing in 2004 at the 2005 model announcement.

Boulevard C90T, $11,499
Boulevard C90, $10,299-$10,499
Boulevard S83, $8499
Boulevard C50T, $7949
Boulevard M50, $6899
Boulevard C50, $6699-$6899
Boulevard S50, $6499
Boulevard S40, $4399