Suzuki Hops on the Scrambler Wagon

Suzuki announces SV650 Scrambler in France

Suzuki Scrambler
Suzuki SV650 ScramblerSuzuki

At EICMA this year, it seems every major OEM is releasing their brand of scrambler. Hell, BMW even has two with the Urban G/S and the R nineT Scrambler. Suzuki is not to be left out, joining the hyper-hip scrambler lineup with the new two-cylinder SV650 Scrambler.

This bike is far from the scramblers we have been seeing so far this year. Honestly, it doesn't look like a ton has changed from the original design of the sporty SV650.

Compared to a bike like Yamaha's SCR950 Scrambler, you are sure to get more power, less weight and more travel, but at the cost of a higher center of gravity. The engine is a perfect fit for a scrambler, in our opinion, having the hi-revving characteristics of a sport bike, but the torque of a two-cylinder.

Read what Suzuki has to say about the new bike below:

Suzuki Scrambler
Rider on the new SV650 Scrambler from SuzukiSuzuki

This Scrambler version is distinguished by the following equipment:

  • Bagster saddle brown with stitching
  • plate holder with LED lighting
  • tires Dunlop Mutant
  • bridges + handlebar black mat large diameter LSL
  • Aluminum windsurf
  • headlight protection
  • aluminum scoops
  • aluminum front mudguard
  • LED indicators
  • black aluminum handlebars
  • aluminum chain protection
  • black wide footrest
  • Output gearbox housing

"Back to basics"

Suzuki introduces the new SV650, a concentrate of the V-Twin's own characteristics. The new SV650 features increased engine performance, controlled fuel consumption, lighter weight, and an affordable sports package.

By sublimating the concept of a "V-Twin engine" with the most modern technologies, the new SV650 sets new standards.

Classical optics
The optical multi-reflector round is designed to deliver maximum light to ensure that the SV650 is always popular. In the classic style of the SV650, distinctive curves are used not only for its original aesthetic but also to allow easy customization.

Bright LED rear lights
The double LED taillight and integrated brake light are compact and thin. High-performance LED delivers excellent visibility and durability and makes the fine and sharp back.

Fine and simple
The overall shape expresses thin and light and improves the strength of the twin engine. The clean and clear forms of the machine have been designed to attract different types of bikers. A combination of black plastic and painted parts strengthens its end side, sporty and lightweight. Lines are flat on top and angular of the front axle to the rear part.

Suzuki Startup Support
The SV650 is provided with the assistance function at low speeds of Suzuki, which uses the idle speed (ISC) to boost the engine speed at the start or at low speed. This new feature eliminates stalling engine during cold starts at low speed. This results in better control of start-up operations, especially in traffic.

The Suzuki Easy Start System
The Suzuki easy start system comes into contact with the starter motor for a predefined time interval accurately to start the bike by simply pressing a button. A 32-bit control unit checks the status and disengages the starter immediately after starting.

Compact and lightweight, the SV650 has an ABS at the forefront of technology, manufactured by Nissin, reducing vehicle weight without sacrificing performance. The 32-bit ECM housing manages the number of rotations of the wheel 50 times per minute so as to provide a high degree of braking and stability control.

For more information, check out Suzuki France's page HERE!