Study Reveals The Highest Road In Every State

Geotab lets you get your altitude on, so you can start planning your next lofty road trip

Mt. Evans
Some of the most spectacular views this country has to offer can be reached via easily accessible asphalt. And lot of those views are found at very high elevations—some of them, in fact, are the highest in the land. Do you know the highest place you can get to on a paved road in your state? One company has crunched the numbers for all of us to Indes

Geotab, probably better known for its work in vehicle fleet management, put together a new study analyzing US road data to identify the highest paved road in every state in America. Poring over map and satellite data including the US Geological Survey's National Elevation Dataset, the firm was able to determine the highest road coordinates, and compiled the results into a very cool interactive piece, complete with maps and photos. Check out the whole thing here.

Steens Mountain Loop Road
Steens Mountain Loop Road in Oregon tops out at 9,714 feet and is one of the top 10 views on the list.BLM of Oregon and Washington

Another helpful part of the survey also ranks the top 10 breathtaking views in the country.

Ranking breathtaking views, of course, is a subjective thing, but Geotab at least picked an expert on the subject for the job: renowned outdoor photographer Tony Bynum was tapped to help determine the candidates for the 10 most breathtaking views in America that are accessible by road. Bynum explains his methods. “I’ve visited all of the roads on this list and there is simply nothing like Alaska for solitude and breadth of views” he says. “In general, western US scenery is the ‘best,' with a tendency to offer better visibility—up to 100 miles on clear days. However, most of the higher elevations in the west are closed in winter, whereas the central and eastern roads are often available all year-round.”

At 4,757 feet, the highest point of Alaska’s Dalton Highway was identified as having the most stunning view in America. Taking second place is Colorado’s Mount Evans Scenic Byway, one of the highest paved roads in the world. Here’s the full list of top 10 views:

Rank Height (ft.) State Road
1 4,757 Alaska Dalton Highway, in the Atigun Pass
2 14,132 Colorado Mount Evans Scenic Byway
3 10,953 Wyoming Beartooth Highway
4 7,419 Washington National Forest Development Road 5400 to Slate Peak Radar Site
5 9,714 Oregon Steens Mountain Loop Road
6 13,781 Hawaii Mauna Kea Access Road
7 6,265 New Hampshire Mount Washington Auto Road
8 5,740 Tennessee Clingmans Dome Road
9 4,850 West Virginia Forest Road 104 to peak of Spruce Knob
10 4,765 Georgia State Route 180 Spur to Brasstown Bald

So then, what's the highest paved road in the United States? Well, boys and girls, that honor goes to Colorado’s Mount Evans Scenic Byway. At 14,132 feet at its peak, it is the highest paved road in North America.

Check out the Geotab road list for yourself to see how many of you've managed to hit on your rides. While you're at it, use it to make another list of the ones you want to bag next year. It's time to start planning the next road trip!