2022 BMW R 18 Classic Photo Gallery

Details on the returning Bavarian cruiser in this 12-picture gallery.

The returning BMW R 18 Classic gets new color options but no mechanical changes for 2022. Here it is in Mars Red Metallic.BMW Motorrad

Just months after the release of its 2021 R 18 cruiser in 2020, BMW also dropped the first variant of that model, the R 18 Classic, a light-duty, traditionally styled tourer. It didn’t get quite the reception the long-anticipated base model did—after all, the Classic was seen more as a bolt-on special than a true stand-alone bike, but there are some notable differences. And when BMW said the R 18 Classic would be back for 2022, the news was overshadowed again by the release of the R 18 Transcontinental and R 18 B earlier in 2021—which is maybe why the brand has just released new photos of the 2022 R 18 Classic? Check them out below.

The key differences on the light-duty touring Classic compared to its standard-issue brother are a mid-height windshield, footboards, and soft bags.BMW Motorrad
Also notable is the smaller 16-inch front wheel on the Classic (it’s 19 inches on the standard R 18), as well as additional auxiliary lights on either side of the headlight. Sleeved fork tubes are 49mm.BMW Motorrad
Then there are smaller tweaks, like the slash-cut muffler end caps on the R 18 Classic; there’s no room for the flared fishtails seen on the base model due to clearance issues from the saddlebags. The Classic is also available in this Manhattan Metallic Matt color for 2022.BMW Motorrad
Side view of the R 18 Classic’s fairly short, angled windshield, which is removable—but only with some effort.BMW Motorrad
A closer view of the R 18 Classic shield with its LED turn signals and auxiliary driving lights.BMW Motorrad
The R 18 Classic also fits rider footboards in place of the base model’s pegs to give pilots just a touch more room on longer trips.BMW Motorrad
The Classic’s chassis and 1,802cc boxer engine remain unchanged from the base model. From this angle you can see that even with footboards, rider foot placement is still limited by the jugs. The heel/toe shifter features two independently adjustable levers.BMW Motorrad
As with the base R 18, instrumentation is fairly spare on the R 18 Classic, with just a single circular analog-type dial (with inset LED readout) and no fuel gauge. Like last year’s model, there are three riding modes, Rain, Roll, and Rock, and engine drag torque control is also a standard feature.BMW Motorrad
The removable soft bags offer 4.1 gallons of capacity—not huge, but also not terribly limiting.BMW Motorrad
The rigid-looking R 18 Classic retains the double-loop steel tube frame and rear swingarm with an open drive shaft.BMW Motorrad
New hues for 2022 also include this Option 719 Galaxy Dust Metallic/Titanium Silver 2 Metallic. You can also opt for a metallic black drivetrain and reverse assistance upgrades, and other parts and accessories are available individually as well.BMW Motorrad