The Lowside Of The Built To Ride Tour

Four cities and a few hundred miles with custom builders

The Built to Ride Tour is a new type of event bringing builders and riders together with our editors for a few days of riding incredible roads through the South. This was the first year of the tour, and everyone involved had an awesome time. The tour started out in Nashville, Tennessee, then went to the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Leeds, Alabama, on to Chattanooga, then finally the last two days in Johnson City where riders enjoyed live music, stunt shows, vendors, and more.

Four custom bikes built by Dan Riley, Spencer Parr, Hugo Eccles, and Tony Prust were ridden more than 200 miles a day from stop to stop to be voted on at each destination. The votes were then all added up for a total count, awarding the grand winner $10,000 on the final day! Over the course of the ride, a group called the Longriders joined us from stop to stop, keeping things lively and contributing to the fun group environment.

The first day opened up with some drag races right outside of Nashville, where Morgan Gales raced Dan Riley's bike against Tony Prust. From there, the builders and Longriders saddled up to head out to Leeds for the absolutely staggering collection of motorcycles that sits in the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum and to do a parade lap around Barber's racetrack. Then the group rode out to Chattanooga, where live music, libations, and vendors were waiting on a street that was closed down just for us. Finally, all the riders made it the last few hundred miles to Johnson City, the only two-day stop on the tour, where the final voting would occur and the prize awarded.

In the end, it was Tony Prust’s custom BMW R100/6 that got the most votes and ended up taking home the big prize! Get more information on the tour and next year’s details are coming soon, so stay tuned at