2020 Laconia Motorcycle Week Rescheduled

Organizers say “world’s oldest rally” will now take place August 22–30.

Laconia Motorcycle Week has been moved from June to August, so update your calendars and get ready for Weirs Beach.Morgan Gales

These are unusual times affecting each and every one of us in completely unforeseen ways. That definitely includes the motorcycle industry, and the events space in particular—the crush of state lockdowns has had organizers scrambling to salvage what’s left of the racing, rally, and demo season. The Laconia Rally is no different; after New Hampshire extended its stay-at-home orders until mid-May, rally organizers agreed that the originally scheduled event date of June 13 was too early for a gathering of tens of thousands of people, especially when you considered that most of them would be traveling in from out of state.

The epic ride up Mount Washington will still be waiting for you in a couple of months.New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism

So they’ve officially decided to reschedule the Progressive Laconia Motorcycle Week to August 22–30, 2020, and organizers say they’re trying hard to maintain the look, feel, and logistics of the rally by reaching out to vendors and event hosts in an effort to reschedule the signature events that make the world’s oldest motorcycle rally so popular. To that end, New Hampshire Motor Speedway has already announced the 97th Annual Loudon Classic is moving to August 29, continuing its tradition of closing out the week. The traffic plan will stay the same, with Lakeside Avenue closed to motorcycles only, centerline parking, and serving as home to rally headquarters for the duration of the nine-day event.

Deputy Director Jennifer Anderson made the best of it, saying, “In our 97-year history, this is certainly a first. But, as riders, circumstance has given us the opportunity to experience August in New Hampshire, when the state is in full bloom and the warmth of summer is in the air.”

Organizers say updates will be coming almost every day as the new timeline takes shape, so head on over to laconiamcweek.com for the skinny. Hope to see you in Weirs Beach come August.