2019 Honda PCX150/ABS

The PC scooter…that works!

2019 Honda PCX150/ABSHonda

Don’t you just love corporate speak? To us, the Honda PCX150 is a modern-looking scooter with a liquid-cooled 149cc four-stroke engine, a V-belt automatic transmission, and a handy combined braking system (with optional ABS). Period. To Honda, however, it’s all that plus “part of your personal transportation system.” What does this mean about the PCX150, exactly? We take it to mean this scooter—newly redesigned for 2019—shouldn’t be considered your only transportation, but rather a valuable part of your transportation. When and where the PCX150 is the ideal choice is clear: It’s not freeway legal in our sunny California environments, so that leaves urban and suburban duty.

Fortunately, the PCX150 could scarcely be any easier to use. Its engine is fuel-injected and naturally has electric starting. The combined braking system works both front and rear brakes with the pull of a single lever. Underseat storage is simply huge at 28 gallons. And an LED headlight and 12-volt accessory outlet are right up to contemporary specs. So disregard such terms as “transportation system.” At its core, the PCX150 is simply a great scooter.

Likes: Rare standard centerstand and sidestand

Dislikes: Minimal wheel travel, styling is overly busy

Verdict: A modern, proficient, and easy-to-use urban ride

2019 Honda PCX150/ABS Specs and Pricing

MSRP $3,999