2018 Indian Springfield Dark Horse

Black on black, take that.

2018 Indian Springfield Dark HorseCRS

One of three Dark Horse models lurking within the Indian lineup, the Springfield Dark Horse, quite predictably, gets the full blackout treatment. From front to back and top to bottom, nearly everything except the Thunder Stroke 111ci engine’s cooling fins, exhaust system, and various trim gets matte-black or gloss-black finishes. This includes detail items too, such as the quick-release touring windshield frame, pullback handlebar, gauge faces, hand and foot controls, dual gas caps…the works.

Besides its black finishes, the Dark Horse differs from the standard Springfield with a 19-inch front wheel versus the Springfield’s 16-inch hoop, a more “open” front fender versus the Springfield’s heavily valanced, 1940s-era mudguard, and a leather solo saddle versus the Springfield’s dual seating. Although the narrower front wheel, lower-profile front tire, and abbreviated front fender on the Dark Horse will deliver a slightly different steering feel (potentially, a bit lighter) than the base Springfield, all other normal operating parameters remain the same. Which means, pack up the hard side bags, punch up the keyless ignition, and go!

Likes: Dark bikes (and apparel) can be hard for drivers to notice, so kudos to Indian for the standard driving lights, ABS, and crash bars.

Dislikes: Since The Wild One and well before, black bikes were badass. But smart riders know that bright colors are your allies on the street.

Verdict: For the same price as the Springfield, the Dark Horse kicks in thousands worth of blackout components.

2018 Indian Springfield Dark Horse Specs and Pricing

MSRP: $20,999
WET WEIGHT: 850 lb.