2017 Suzuki DR650S

2017 Suzuki DR650SCRS

The Suzuki DR650S has been a consistent top seller in New Zealand, Canada and Australia since its introduction in 1990, based on its reliability and fun factor. Many consider the DR650 one of the best all-around dual purpose bikes in history, used equally on the road as off. An easily-adjustable seat height opens it up to a wide range of riders.

The Suzuki DR650S is powered by a 644cc oil-cooled, four-stroke single-cylinder engine using a single Mikuni carburetor. The 21-in front/17-in rear tires are classic dimensions for getting into all kinds of fun trouble, and the 355-lb bike has a 3.4-gallon tank (it's 3.2 for Californias). Bumps, ruts and rocks are swallowed up by a telescopic oil-damped and coil-spring fork. If there's any solace in the primitive nature of the DR650S, rest assured it relies on an electric starter to save your right leg from overexertion.

Additional features are limited, naturally, but include electronic ignition, single disc brakes front and rear, and five-speed constant mesh transmission.

The Suzuki DR650S is priced at $6,499, and comes in Solid Black.

2017 Suzuki DR650S Specs and Pricing

MSRP $6,499

Thoughts from the Staff

“If you want 644cc of power in a street legal package, you should have no trouble finding a dual-sport die-hard who will swear up and down that the 2017 DR650S is THE bike for you.” Staff - Dirt Rider Magazine