2017 Honda CBR300R

2017 Honda CBR300R
2017 Honda CBR300RCRS

"The Honda CBR300R packs World Superbike looks with mid-range power and torque for twisty-road playtime. The narrow single-cylinder machine has a low 30.7-in seat height for shorter riders, with a MotoGP-esque 357-lb curb weight.

The CBR300R is powered by a six-speed 286cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine. The Pro-Link single shock on the rear gives five positions of spring preload adjustability to accomodate all riders and road conditions.

Additional features include computer-controlled digital transistorized ignition, an estimated 71 mpg, programmed fuel injection, and optional ABS.

The Honda CBR300R is priced at $4,499 and comes in Red/Black. The ABS model is priced at $4,999."

2017 Honda CBR300R Specs and Pricing

MSRP $4,499

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Thoughts from the Staff

“Perhaps the ideal sportbike for the new rider. It offers slick, precise controls, short gearing for easy getaways, a compact seating position for smaller riders, and a manageable seat height.” Blake Conner - Editor. Cycle World Magazine