Jackson Choppers’ Evolution Rigid Chopper

Builder Matt Jackson nails `80s club bike style cold

Rock of Ages' daily rider is a pretty badass Evo chopper.Lerry Pena

I built this bike for my good friend Tony Hundahl. Tony owns Rock of Ages tattoo shop here in Austin, Texas. I’ve always admired Tony’s work, and it was an honor to put together this Evo chopper for him. Taking on this build was a little different for us, as we tend to specialize in earlier-style bikes (Knuckles, Pans, and Shovels), but I viewed it as a challenge to take our style and add more functionality to it. I didn’t want to try to make it look like a ’60s chopper, so I had to think a little outside of my normal box. It became heavily inspired by club bikes of the ’80s with the dual disc Wide Glide and stance.

We built this bike from the ground up. The first move was sourcing a motor, and thanks to Dan Carr at DC Choppers, we didn’t have to go far. Dan put together a solid 80-inch Evo motor for us with an EV 27 cam in it. We wanted the bike to be reliable and a daily rider so saw no need to go big on the displacement.

Yeah, this bike is pretty dope. See what I did there?Lerry Pena

I did all the fab work and assembled the bike with the help of my one employee, Ryan Craft. We had our buddy Packrat (formerly of Bud’s Motor­cycles) from Black Cat Metal Works build us an 18-inch rear wheel for the back of the bike, and we narrowed the Stingray fender to fit the radius. This gave the bike a very skinny and narrow look overall, balancing out the beefiness of the 8-inch-over Wide Glide front end.

Up close and personal with the Paughco fork set and the diamond stitched seat.Lerry Pena

I turned to Scott at Chemical Candy Customs to handle the paintwork, a classic black base and white flames, with runes on the oil tank. Scott has been integral to our builds at Jackson’s Choppers and always comes through.

We fabbed up the Cobra-style seat pan and had Cato’s Custom Upholstery cover it in a diamond stitch.

Every day I walk into the shop, I take a look around and think about how lucky I am to be doing what I love and on my own terms. Most of all, though, I’d like to give a big thank-you to Tony Hundahl for letting me build this bike that is not only functional but looks bitchin’ too!Lerry Pena
Owner Tony Hundahl
Builder Matt Jackson
Shop Jackson's Choppers
Shop Phone (512) 698-4390
Website jacksonschoppers.com
Make/Model Harley-Davidson/Special Construction
Fabrication Matt Jackson
Build Time 6 months
Year/Type/Size 1995/H-D/Evo Big Twin
Builder Dan Carr
Cases H-D
Cylinders H-D
Heads H-D
Rocker Boxes H-D
Cam EV-27
Carb Mikuni 42mm HSR
Air Cleaner Velocity Stack
Exhaust Shotgun drag pipes
Year/Type Indian/5-speed
Gears Stock
Clutch Ultima
Primary Drive Ultima 2-in. open belt drive
Year/Type Paughco rigid
Rake 35°
Stretch 2-1/4 in. up
Front End Chrome dual disc Wide Glide
Length 8 in. over
Triple Trees Wide Glide
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes  
Builder/Size 21 in.
Tire/Size Avon Speedmaster/21 x 3 in.
Caliper H-D
Rotors H-D
Builder/Size Packrat at Black Cat Metal Works/18 in.
Tire/Size Firestone 18 in.
Caliper H-D
Rotor H-D
Manufacturer Chemical Candy Customs
Colors Black base w/ white flames and runes
Painter Chemical Candy Customs
Graphics Chemical Candy Customs
Pinstriper Chemical Candy Customs
Plating Auto Chrome Plating Co.
Polishing Auto Chrome Plating Co.
Powdercoating Darren at AccuCoat
Rear Fender Modified Stingray
Gas Tank Sportster
Handlebars Stainless T-bars from Front Street Cycle
Grips Cole Foster
Hand Controls H-D Softail
Foot Controls Shovelhead-era foot controls
Pegs Chopper Dave
Headlight Mini Bates
Taillight Rectangle
Sissy Bar Stainless sissy bar by Matt Jackson
Seat Cato’s Custom Upholstery