2022 Indian Super Chief Gallery

22 pictures of Indian’s new long-mile cruiser motorcycle

The 2022 Indian Super Chief Limited starts at $20,999 and comes in Black Metallic, Blue Slate Metallic (seen here), or Maroon Metallic.Morgan Gales

With soft saddlebags and a quickly removable windscreen, the 2022 Indian Super Chief is the Swiss army knife of Indian’s new heavyweight cruiser lineup. Available in two trims, the Super Chief comes with either a Thunder Stroke 111 engine in the base model, or in the case of the Super Chief Limited that we see here, dressed in chrome with the larger 116ci engine as the bike’s centerpiece. Available in one of three metallic paint options, this is the top-shelf version of Indian’s latest release.

The Super Chief models are available now, starting at $18,499 for the base model. Head to indianmotorcycle.com for more information.

Limited models come standard with a removable windscreen, 4-inch Ride Command display, saddlebags, and floorboards.Morgan Gales
All Limited models come with a Thunder Stroke 116, upgraded from the standard 111, but more power is still available with upgrades to intake, exhaust, and cams.Morgan Gales
LED headlight on the 2022 Indian Super Chief Limited.Morgan Gales
Front view of the 2022 Indian Super Chief Limited.Morgan Gales
The Indian logo stuck to the side of the Super Chief’s gas tank.Morgan Gales
Indian’s new gauge and infotainment system is small but effective on the Chief line.Morgan Gales
The two small joysticks on the bottom of the left-hand control housing navigate the infotainment system and menus.Morgan Gales
Solo seat and removable passenger pillion on the Indian Super Chief Limited.Morgan Gales
Pirelli Night Dragon tires come on all new Chief models.Morgan Gales
Left side of the Thunder Stroke 116 and its air cleaner on the Super Chief Limited.Morgan Gales
Saddlebags on the Super Chief close with plastic clips underneath leather straps and aren’t lockable.Morgan Gales
Small branding details like the Indian “I” logo on the fork are all over the Super Chief.Morgan Gales
A large wiring harness obstructs the clean window view formed by the front of the frame.Morgan Gales
Risers and pull-back handlebars on the 2022 Indian Super Chief.Morgan Gales
Long floorboards give the rider a range of foot position options.Morgan Gales
A 300mm front brake rotor and four-piston caliper come standard on the Indian Super Chief.Morgan Gales
Saddlebags obstruct the view of the rear shocks, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preference.Morgan Gales
A two-piston brake caliper grips a 300mm rotor on the rear tire.Morgan Gales
The Super Chief’s windshield detaches in a matter of seconds with one latch on either side.Morgan Gales
The Indian Super Chief Limited is covered in chrome. If that’s not your style, check out the Dark Horse line.Morgan Gales
Indian Chief models are available in dealerships now.Morgan Gales