Stop & Go Pocket Tubeless Tire Plugger Repair Kit Evaluation

A handy, effective, easy-to-use motorcycle tire repair kit for motorcycle tubeless tires.

If your motorcycle has tubeless tires and you plan on riding it any farther than the foot of your driveway, you need a Pocket Tire Plugger Kit from Stop & Go International to repair flats.

The Plugger Kit contains everything you need to get yourself back on the road quickly after your tubeless tire gets punctured. And you can do so cleanly and easily without removing the tire from the bike, let alone the tire from the rim. Included are all the tools needed to perform the repair, tools of a quality on par with or higher than many of the same tools I've seen sold for commercial use; enough tire plugs to repair 15 punctures; four CO2 cartridges, thoughtfully wrapped with insulating foam to keep your fingers frost-free when re-inflating your tire; and a set of clear, concise instructions, laminated in plastic. The whole shooting match is packed in an easily stowed bag that won't take up much more room than your bike's owner's manual.

If you're heading out for an extended tour, I'd suggest packing a few extra CO2 cartridges, or perhaps one of Stop & Go's engine air pump kits, just in case you need to deal with multiple punctures, or botched the first attempt at repairing the tire. Hey, it happens. That's my only concern with this kit, and one that's easily rectified.

Overall, for $47.95 as tested, the Stop & Go Pocket Tire Plugger gets high marks, and is a whole lot cheaper than calling for a tow. I won't be leaving home without it.

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Its handy pouch makes the Stop & Go Tubeless Tire Plugger kit easy to carry in a backpack, saddlebag or even a jacket pocket. The kit will be invaluable if your motorcycle has a flat tire.