Socks - Sock It to Me, Baby! - Buyer's Guide

Your feet cannot take care of themselves. They're at the mercy of the elements and rely on you to keep them clean, dry and comfortable. Cotton athletic socks don't cut it anymore in this age of miracle wicking, warming and cooling fabrics. You can now choose socks purpose-built to give you what you need when Steppenwolf's running through your head and a warm bed is 200 miles away. Take a look at the high-tech wonders below and you'll see what your tootsies have been missing. Heights were measured from the bottom of the sock at the back.

Dainese Touring Socks EVO $34
Material: 43 percent polyester, 30 percent cotton, 20 percent polyamide, 4 percent elastane, 3 percent silver yarn
Sizes: Two, women's 71/2 and men's 14
Height: 181/2 inches
Features: Extra-thick sole, heel and toes; padded behind ankle and front of leg; hypoallergenic and antistatic Nostatex PureSilver insole

Lee Parks Design Tech Sox High Cut Boot Socks $22
Material: 70 percent polypropylene, 20 percent nylon, 10 percent elastic
Sizes: Five, women's 4 through men's 16
Height: 171/2 inches
Features: All sections joined stitch by stitch to eliminate seams; antimicrobial yarn; anatomically shaped; ankle and arch support; padded heel, toe and shin; moisture-wicking and drying

Rev'IT! Tour Summer Socks $30
Material: 29 percent microfiber, 22 percent polyamide, 19 percent Merino wool, 12 percent robur, 11 percent mytlan, 5 percent acrylic, 2 percent elastane
Sizes: Four, women's 4 through men's 14
Height: 16 inches
Features: Reinforced heel and toe; anatomically shaped; ankle and instep support; air-channeling system to circulate and remove warm air from boot

RiderWearhouse CBT Antibacterial Socks $12
Material: 75 percent antimicrobial-treated Schoeller Polycolon,
25 percent nylon/Lycra
Sizes: Three, men's 51/2 through 15
Height: 15 inches
Features: All sections joined stitch by stitch to minimize seams; extra Lycra sections to hold sock in place; odor/fungus/bacteria-resistant; double layer of polyamide in high-friction areas

Roadgear Coconut Socks $20
Material: 48 percent Cocona, 41 percent cotton, 6 percent nylon, 2.5 percent Spandex, 2.5 percent silver yarn
Sizes: Four, women's 7 through men's 15
Height: 151/2 inches
Features: Cocona is a fabric derived from coconut shells, providing evaporative cooling, UV protection and odor management; activated carbon; extra-thick sole, heel and toes