Sneak Peek: 2005 Alpha 650 V-Twin Motorcycle

The motorcycle brand you may not have heard of could become a motorcyclist's household word, if this proposed version of its 650V-twin is any indication. By _ Art Friedman.

If you doubted that the Koreans are serious about the U.S. motorcycle market, take a look at the proposed Alpha 650cc V-twin cruiser slated to come here in mid 2005.

If the Alpha brand (the U.S> name plate for South Korea's Hyosung) isn't familiar to you, read our August 2003 250 comparison, where it was the alpha male of the group. A look at that bike's spec will show why. The 249cc 75-degree air-cooled twin uses dual overhead cams and four valves per cylinder, a carb for each jug, and has cast wheels standard. The new-for-2004 250 Sport Cruiser was profiled in a previous News item.

We have no information about the 650 except what the drawing reveals: It's liquid-cooled V-twin, with a cylinder spread of 75 degrees or greater. It appears to be a DOHC design. It has a two-into-one exhaust, inverted fork, cast wheels, and triple discs. Styling, which seems to be influenced by the Honda VTX series and the Harley V-Rod, is on the sporting end of the cruiser spectrum, with a modest handlebar rise and a foot-forward riding position. It appears to emphasis function as much as style, and if production bike looks like the drawing, the GV650 could be the most successful sport-cruiser effort to date.

The U.S. distributor's web site may be found here: The site includes info on their two lightweight cruisers as well as the 250 sportbike, which about to be released in the U.S.

The brand already has an active riders organization on Yahoo Groups.

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