Scorpion Clutch, Ladies' Cherish Jacket, And More - New Products

Clutch With A Sting Perhaps you've modded the motor on your brand-new Victory and need some extra transmission assistance? Then look to Barnett Tool & Engineering: Its Scorpion Clutch is now available for 2001 and newer Victory motorcycles. Barnett claims a 100 percent increase in surface area over the stocker, and the Scorpion includes a CNC-machined billet-aluminum pressure plate, steel inner hub, all clutch plates and the springs. The MSRP is $550. See your local retailer or for more info.
To The Victor Go The Spoils In this case, it's Victory motorcycles, and the spoils are Forge-Tec's motorcycle wheels. Thirteen styles are now available to bolt on to all Victory models. The Forge-Tec wheels are made from aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum using proprietary forge presses and feature either a "show polish" or chrome finish. Rotors and pulleys are required and sold separately but will come attached and torqued to the correct factory specs. Prices start at $795 per wheel. Drool over them at
Pretty Without Pink The market is finally catching on to the fact that more women are riding nowadays. The Ladies' Cherish Jacket from M2R is one of the latest additions. The jacket combines 1.2mm leather with three-ply-nylon-stitched safety seams, CE-approved armor in the shoulders and elbows, and a high-density TPR back protector. There's even a removable thermal vest and zippered ventilation in the arms and back. It all retails for $300, in black/cream and blue/white, sizes XS-XXL. Go to to find your local dealer.
Chock It Up "Slip Slidin' Away" should not be your theme song when tying down a motorcycle in your truck or trailer. That's where the EZ Chock comes in. No drilling is needed; the chock's simply set in place and strapped from behind (when used on a trailer), and then your bike can be tied down like normal. It can be moved from vehicle to vehicle, has a nonslip bottom and comes in several sizes. See to get one, starting at $90.
Give 'em The Slip You may have chuckled at its Monty Python-style commercials, but Jig-A-Loo really works. The product is a lubricant and water repellent in one (most similar offerings are either a lube or a water displacer/repellent). The company says it can be used on "wood, metal, leather, fabric and most plastics" and claims the silicone-based product goes on dry and doesn't stain or smell. Pick up a can for $6.99 at your local automotive or hardware store, or go to
Rumble On If you're ramblin', rumblin' Honda VTX1800C kind of folks, then you might want to check out the Jardine Rumblers exhaust. The company says this unit offers "style, sound and attitude in one complete package," so the temptation is certainly understandable. The 2-into-1 systems come in straight-cut drag, slash-cut and tapered styles, with pipe diameters from a large 2 inches to a huge 2.5 inches. The full systems start at $623 and are available from your local dealer or Jardine at
These Boots Are Made For Ridin' For traditionalists, there's nothing like a pair of big, black engineer's boots. The Highway One Engineers Boot is all leather, with an oil-resistant lugged sole and a hidden "key" compartment under the footbed. Classically styled, the high-topped boots feature a buckle across the ankle and two more at the top for a snugger fit. Available in men's sizes 8-14 for $110. See to find your local dealer.
Like Dancing On Air Fresh from the Motor Company come these Adjustable Passenger Footboard Mount Kits. Forget about your passenger getting cramped legs when you can adjust the footboards anywhere from 2 inches forward of stock to 2.5 inches higher than stock. Adjustment is made simple with a single hex wrench. Each kit includes left and right supports and mounting hardware. And yeah, of course they're chromed! Prices start at $350. See for more information.