Schuberth S2 Sport Helmet

High-end comfort and protection at a mid-range price

Schuberth S2 Helmet
Schuberth S2 Sport HelmetSchuberth North America

The Schuberth S2 Sport helmet is a well rounded full face perfect for road rides of any length. The name Schuberth is synonymous with high end head protection and hitting the market in the mid-300's, this is a lot of helmet for the price. Quiet, comfortable and good looking, the S2 is a great lid.

• Outer shell combines the best aerodynamic shape with consequent protection

• Streamlined design promotes a quiet ride and resists lift

• Scratch-proof polycarbonate optical class 1 visor

• Optional radio, navigation and communication SCR-System fits seamlessly into helmet

//Starting at $375//