Rivco SOMA Running Lights And Brake Light Modulator for Motorcycles

Rivco will help you light up your motorcycle and maybe keep that distracted driver off your butt. By Mark Zimmerman.

Many motorcycles have a fairly small taillight, so Sally (or Sammy) Cellphone just doesn't see us. Of course, one way to make yourself more conspicuous is to add some extra lighting, and a second is to enhance the visibility of the lighting you've got. In both cases Rivco has you covered.

First, the company can supply you with its S.O.M.A. (Stay Off My @ss) strips. These are 3/8-by-3-inch flexible, waterproof LED lighting strips with self-adhesive backing to mount anywhere without holes. A unique technology enables them to be viewed over a full 135-degree range as compared to a standard LED's 20-degree viewing range. The strips come two to a package, and each strip contains 15 LEDs. All connectors, wiring and instructions are included. The lights function in both tail- and brake-light modes, making the bike a lot more visible from behind and a lot less likely to get clipped by some brain-dead dork in a Volvo.

But wait, there's more! For a few extra shekels Rivco can hook you up with its taillight/brake light modulator. With the modulator plugged in, the S.O.M.A. lights can be set to flash continuously three times per second whenever the brake is applied, or they can flash for five seconds and then stay on.

The module only controls the LED lamps, so it doesn't affect your stock taillight. If you'd like that to flash, you'll need to purchase Rivco's Back OFF! Unit. As you'd expect, everything for a sanitary and easy (see How to Install Electrical Accessories) installation is included, and like the S.O.M.A. lights, the module is guaranteed for one year. S.O.M.A. lights: $39.95. Flashing tail/brake modulator (LED only): $29.95.

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_ Rivco's S.O.M.A. lights and installation kit for motorcycles._
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