Product Review: BellaCorse Air-Injection Removal Kit for Triumph Motorcycles

If the air-injection hardware on your Bonneville, America or Speedmaster is giving you are eye-ache, here is a simple, inexpensive way to cleanly ease the pain. From the February 2004 issue of _ Motorcycle Cruiser _ magazine. **By

What's the ugliest part of your new Triumph Twin? If you said the payment book, then I sympathize, but also beg to differ.

I think it's the silly looking air-injection tube that juts up like a sore thumb right in front of the spark plug and its attendant plumbing. The air injection is provided courtesy of the EPA as a means of reducing exhaust emissions during deceleration; mostly what the system does is look horrible and create an off-throttle backfire condition, particularly when aftermarket pipes are installed. Of course, removing the system is one thing, but filling all the leftover holes is another.

Certainly you could hack something together to plug up the vacuum port and air-supply hose from the airbox, and you might even be able to find replacement bolts for the injector ports. But why bother? For $24.95, BellaCorse provides the perfect solution. Included in the kit are the correctly sized bolts, complete with copper-sealing washers necessary to fill the cylinder-head holes. A plug for the airbox and a vacuum cap to cover the intake manifold port are also supplied.

All the parts are nicely made, and fit perfectly. Installation takes about 20 minutes. Two kits are available, the difference primarily being the bolt finish. The T100's are plated hardware, while the America and Speedmaster kits come with black-painted bolts to match the engines' black finish. Improved appearance and no more embarrassing flatulence? Sounds like a winner to me.

BellaCorse through Sel-Motion Motorsports Marketing
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