Predictions for 2006 Cruiser Motorcycles

The new cruiser motorcycles we are expecting for the 2006 model year include new Harley-Davidsons, new Yamaha Star models, the Suzuki Boulevard M105, additional Victory models,

New model season is approaching. We expect to see the first 2006 cruiser models from the major motorcycle manufacturers within two months. Actually, we have already seen one 2006 model, the Harley-Davidson Street Rod on the cover of the current (June 2005) issue of Motorcycle Cruiser. However, the timing of that machine's introduction, this winter, makes it feel more like a 2005 model.

Yamaha is likely to be the first to introduce its new-for-2006 cruisers with a mid-June announcement. There is reportedly at least one new Star model, and some sources are also expecting a replacement for the V-Max, now in its 21st year. Such a bike could be a fresh face in the Star series. Any V-Max replacement is likely to be a 1300, and we would anticipate an entirely new chassis and fresh styling. We hear less about what a new Star model might be, but several sources have confirmed that there will be one.

Harley-Davidson is slated to make its announcement a week or so later and is likely to introduce at least two more 2006 models.

We haven't heard anything of Honda's or Kawasaki's plans, though there are rumors of a radical version of the VTX1800 and speculation about a variation on the Vulcan 2000. If so, either a touring or performance direction seems viable for Kawasaki's maximum twin.

At its introductions last year, Suzuki told dealers that an M105 would be the first all-new member of the Boulevard family. It showed the concept drawing seen above. That designation means displacement in the neighborhood of 1700cc (105 cubic inches makes 1720cc) with a performance orientation to the styling. Suzuki is likely to be the third company to unveil its products.

Victory has promised new models every year. We wouldn't be surprised to see a Touring Cruiser replacement using the new Freedom 100/6 powertrain and replacing the current TC. We also expect Victory to give Arlen and Cory Ness a crack at the Hammer. Victory has hinted broadly that the 100/6 powertrain will find wider use.