Planet Cruiser Floorboards for Kawasaki Mean Streak

Don't be mean to your tootsies.

We were caught off guard when almost every Mean Streak owner we talked to asked about floorboards for the bike, since they seem out of character for a machine with a high-performance image. The problem, as owners observed, was that most of the boards they found either looked cheesy and/or had billet top surfaces, which is not very practical.

Eventually we found these HAC floorboards made in the Netherlands and imported by Planet Cruiser. The quality of the boards' cast bodies and other components is at least equal to the finish of the motorcycle. The rubber top pads fit flush, and the bodies and undersides are smoothly polished. We got the long (10.5 inches) boards, but they are also offered in a six-inch length. Installation took just a few minutes, requiring you to simply remove the pivot bolts from the footpegs and put the boards in their place. Once installed, the boards fold up and back, which is an improvement on other floorboard installations we have seen where the boards simply fold back into the engine cases. These have more give when you drag them in the corner than such boards, though if you fell on them or kicked them up hard they would strike and nick the engine covers. The shift lever worked perfectly without adjustment, though you'd have to add a rear extension lever if you wanted to upshift with your heel. The angle and location of the floorboards was perfect for those who rode with them.

The boards are also solidly made. They mount snugly and don't rattle around or wiggle in their mounts, even after a couple of thousand miles. The rubber top pads show no signs of wear, and replacement rubber pads are available. The HAC boards draw admiring comments and questions about where to get them. Planet Cruiser sells the long boards for $205, with six-inch boards, which can also be used as matching passenger boards, available for $165. These floorboards are also available for the Honda VTX-C models. If you are member of an owners club, Planet Cruiser offers a substantial discount (25 percent on many items).

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