Slippage Solved: BDL's New Competitor Clutch Conversion for HD

No matter if you've pumped up your cubic inches or are just in need of a reliable clutch that can handle heavy loads without fade or hesitation, BDL's new CC-130-BB COMPETITOR CLUTCH assembly has you covered. This all-inclusive conversion has been developed specifically for a direct fit into your stock 1998-2012 H-D clutch basket. The straight forward conversion includes BDL's "Patented" ball bearing pressure plate ensuring a smooth transition while the Kevlar discs provide 60% more surface area, virtually eliminating slippage. Each COMPETITOR CLUTCH kit includes: Ball Bearing Lock Up Pressure Plate, diaphragm spring, clutch hub, spring retainer, shoulder bolts, adjustment screw assembly, 1 ea .120" steel plate, 6 ea .059 steel plates and 7 Kevlar fiber plates. For higher horsepower applications BDL recommends fitment of their Carbide Ball Bearing kit which includes 8 Carbide ball bearings to be spaced intermittently among the steel pressure plate ball bearings that come in the Competitor kit. Suggested retail for the entire assembly part #CC-130BB is just $443.50 and the Carbide Ball Bearing pack part #CBB-8516 goes for $107.00. This clutch conversion is a real problem solver for serious riders and is available from Belt Drives Limited dealers worldwide or go direct to