New Product Release: Introducing Trail Tech Cruiser Motorcycle Lights

Trail Tech is adding to its family of Eclipse SCMR16 HID lights with chromed lights and roadster styling. The lights compliment American and Metric Cruisers, with brilliance enough to turn any head.

The light kits fit one of the three most common fork sizes: 31.75mm (11/4",) 39mm, or 41mm. Each kit includes two lights (with fork or frame mounting clamps) and wire harnesses with switch (complete with bullet connectors and fuse.)

Trail Tech Inc. is a leading edge manufacturer of the highest quality aftermarket lighting components, electrical systems, and digital meters available to the adventure sports market.

Trail Tech manufactures and distributes globally. For more information contact Trail Tech at 360 687 4530, or visit the Trail Tech website .

Introducing Trail Tech Cruiser Motorcycle Lights