Kendon Dual Ride-Up SRL Trailer

If you’ve been a bike enthusiast for any number of years, you probably know Kendon’s popular trailers have been a boon to those looking to easily transport their rigs. But the company hasn’t stopped rolling out new products, either. Case in point: the new Dual Ride-Up SRL trailer, which makes it possible to ride your bike right onto the ramp, into the bed and then secure it -- all without having to huff-and-puff up an old-school ramp. The “SRL” system eliminates the apex between the ramp and the bed of a conventional trailer; the Kendon suspension compresses and lowers the bed of the trailer during loading and raises back up to towing height once the bike is secured. Best of all, there’s a two-bike version. When you’re dealing with 900-lb. touring rigs, that kind of convenience is welcome.
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