Harley-Davidson Introduces the New Women's Rider Comfort System

Three-layer system for maximum comfort

Harley-Davidson has released the all-new Women’s MotorClothes® Rider Comfort System. This system of products is designed as a customizable layering system.

Integrating three top layers, the **Rider Comfort System **(RCS) from the Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes® line claims to optimize riding comfort in changing temperatures.

Layering apparel results in versatile gear that makes riding more comfortable regardless of weather conditions. With RCS products, you stay comfortable by peeling off layers as temperatures heat up, and adding them when temperatures cool down. RCS is specifically designed to fit appropriately when worn as a total riding system to reduce bulk and increase riding comfort.

The three-layer system begins with the RCS Layering Top, a performance base made from 100 percent polyester Coolon™ that wicks moisture away from the body to keep your skin dry. Two mid-layer options include the RCS Vest or RCS Windproof Jacket, which absorb the base layer’s moisture and insulate the body. The outer layer helps maintain a consistent body temperature by protecting the rider from the elements, and includes three options ranging from a Mesh Jacket to a 100 percent Waterproof Jacket. RCS items are available in XS – 3W and some Tall sizes.

Base Layer:
RCS Layering Top (P/N 98389-11VW, $65)

This piece is designed to pull moisture away from the skin, allowing it to evaporate more quickly. This keeps the skin dry, which is essential for maintaining consistent body temperature. To wick effectively, base layers should fit closely to the body and are designed to fit more snugly when worn true to size.

RCS Vest **(P/N 98388-11VW, $95)
**RCS Windproof Jacket
(P/N 98386-11VW, $150)

The mid-layer is designed to help retain heat by trapping air next to the base layer. Insulating the body allows other energy to be focused on the ride, where it belongs. Mid-Layers should fit close for the best heat management and to remain comfortable when paired with an outer layer. When worn for layering, the mid-layer should not gap at the hem, so cold air doesn't seep in.

Outer Layer: **
**RCS Mesh Jacket **(P/N 98386-11VW, $125)
**RCS Functional Jacket
(P/N 98383-11VW, $195)
** RCS Waterproof Jacket** (P/N 98391-11VW, $175)

The outer layer protects the rider from the elements and provides additional functionality with features like body armor pockets; waterproofness; 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflectivity; and/or improved airflow (mesh). Riders can customize their gear based on their needs: the Mesh Jacket provides airflow when temperatures heat up, the Waterproof Jacket protects during wet weather, and the Functional Jacket provides all-around-versatility in a variety of conditions.

Most items are sized to accommodate the base layer and mid-layer, so customers should order true to size for the Mesh Jacket and Functional Jacket. The Waterproof Jacket may need to be sized up to accommodate layering pieces.

The Women's MotorClothes Rider Comfort System is available now at Harley-Davidson dealers and online at www.harley-davidson.com/rcs.

For additional information on Harley-Davidson MotorClothes Apparel and Collectibles, see your local Harley-Davidson dealer or visit harley-davidson.com.