CR Tested | Splitweight Waterproof Seat Cover

Wet weather and leather saddles don’t usually play well together, and now that autumn is here, that $800 custom seat will need some protection from the elements. We got the chance to test one of Splitweight’s Sonic Waterproof Motorcycle Seat covers on a Star Stryker during some inclement weather a few months back, and came away impressed.

The cover is made of stretchable, waterproof and UV-resistant fabric that's made to conform to your individual seat; in our case, it was the B Series model, which is designed for most metric or H-D Road King models with two-up seats on a single pan (the C series seat for the Triumph Rocket is also shown; an updated fitment chart is at The patent-pending, basic black cover is a breeze to install; initially, we just slipped it on, but it looked pretty baggy. Once we removed the saddle entirely, stretched the cover over each corner, and then tightly secured the hook-and-loop fasteners underneath—per instructions—we were much more satisfied with the snug look. Even though our seat is vinyl, there's still stitching water can sneak into, and this easy-on cover has, so far, repelled its share of moisture, sun, and even dirt. Best of all, we can just pop it right off when the forecast calls for clear skies.

Price: $89.95
Rating: *** 1/2

CR Tested | Splitweight Waterproof Seat Cover - Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine