CR Tested: Lindby Custom, Inc. Multibar

Lindby Multibar
Lindby Custom, Inc.
(714) 528-0085

Price $269.95

Rating 4.5 stars

A knock that's sometimes made on metric bikes is that occasionally it's hard to find parts for them. That truism is becoming less and less true, but as I've found in my year with the Ape Star long term bike, it seems like it might only be difficult to make the parts fit many of the bikes out there. This install was a perfect example of that.

To mount up Lindby's Multibar-a triple-chrome plated steel, combined engine guard/ highway peg accessory-extra brackets had to be installed behind the floorboards, and a hole had to be drilled in the frame just below the headstock. Thankfully, the front end didn't have to be removed, as just removing the fender gave me enough clearance to get to the spot. Naturally, drilling a bike frame isn't something anybody should take lightly, so I measured the correct spot three or four times before applying the tool.

Despite appearing like a difficult installation at first, the Multibar actually lined up easily and bolted together without drama. The Multibar has a nice design, with flowing curves throughout. As opposed to many other highway peg/bar systems, the Multibar thoughtfully offers a soft lip on the outside of the foot/legrests that keeps your boot from getting blown off the flat part. It's soft enough to be mostly unnoticeable, yet does its job very well. My Ape bike tends to get used for long trips, so having another footrest option is a wonderful thing.

Besides the vintage look a highway bar gives, it's also handy for attaching additional accessories like lighting, storage, and yes, even more places to put your feet. In the ten months the bar's been on, it's never come loose or had any other problems, and is a welcome addition to the machine. -BB

Lindby Multibar